Theatre Question


ok I know the cookie cutter is baths and tower...

but I was thinking... if I had a theatre in every city that would be about 1 city slot a week... and realistically... while bigger nukes rock... I typically send so many waves that... well... does 300 extra troops matter?

I mean what I am always short on is city slots! usually I am sending out a CS and praying the city slot appears minutes before it lands... and across the life of a server if you can get 1 extra slot per week from theatres... that would have to be at least 50 extra cities...

thoughts? has anyone tried this...


Its not entirely terrible of an idea. I havent tried it on any massive scale but I have used theater in 10 cities in my safe-zone supporting my frontline. When the battles started getting more excessive, I demolished them for the baths. But they still gave me a constant stream of CP for about 2 months. It might be worth considering, but the general rule of thumb is that you do "anything to make your attacks more potent" so the extra population would be "safer" than worrying about CP. However, CP is the most limiting facet of the game - so its worth considering imo.
(I find myself not using tower most of the time anyway...)


well I took a closer look at the math and at any level if you run almost constant plays you will get 1 extra city slot per week... so even if you did that for just one year... that would be 52 extra city slots... I mean ok... 300 less population for combat... but I dunno... 52 cities that's a lotta troops...

and since wonders is the final objective of the game look at this math...
52 cities is an extra 1,170,000 resources per full trip that you can send to a wonder
52 cities is an extra is an extra 400 favor per day per god with premium only... with divine temple and a favor token its an extra 700 favor per day (assumes 100 cities without theatres and 152 cities if you had theatres)


OMG! Al... how the hell you doing... well you know me... iza gotsa know... im slot hungry... so I just may have to try this and see what happens...
Doing great Kariella, currently in Pella battling an alliance kind of like BOB lol. It is an interesting strategy for sure, i might try lets say 10 or so cities with theaters. Baths are just too valuable to not have.