The Wonder Age period - Desperation for a Crown


Just to advise a list of how the Age has developed and the grasp for a Crown

In the 1st stage Evil Eyes got 4, The Raiders 2 and Kittens of Doom 1

In a move that even Stirlo would have been surprised with considering the moral standard of this world a member of The Raiders with 5 hours remaining before their Vacation Mode kicked in left and joined Evil Eyes - it happened to coincide with The Raiders declining to gang up and outnumber KoD (remember the name kkmonte - if he joins your alliance :D).

The Raiders then cancelled their pact with Evil Eyes (not kidding)

Evil Eyes 4 The Raiders 0 Kittens of Doom 1

Many smack pm's later including how EE now had 6 in the bag and would take KoD's Lighthouse.... within a week of EE having no allies left (as HB left/ghosted after attacking TR to help EE without cancelling their Nap and had to face KoD and TR (with EE defence)

The Raiders conquered a city on an EE Wonder Island

One day later KoD conquered a city on two EE Wonder Islands

Instead of Evil Eyes 6 The Raiders 0 Kittens of Doom 1

It is

Evil Eyes 3 The Raiders 0 Kittens of Doom 2 (with 2 on the way no doubt)

Evil Eyes have no chance of winning the Crown - One Ring are gone - who would have thought at the start of the world that neither of them would get the Crown.

If Kittens of Doom do get the Crown then it will be good for the game, they have played this hard and fair, whereas EE well ... haven't

Stay Classy



Scores unchanged despite some very heavy hitting.

Impressive character shown by Evil Eyes, whilst the inevitable VM has been hit as players either have RL issues or simply need a break/quit the real reason for the hold up has been a turtling of epic proportions and still impressive activity despite having nothing to play for.

Grepointel will clearly show sustained significant DBP


Big night in Phi - which ended in Raiders flags flying on three Evil Eyes Wonder Islands.

This killed off the Pyramid, the Temple of Artemis and spiked the Lighthouse which was only at 9 (KoD beat them to that before).

Kittens of Doom 4 - Evil Eyes 1

In 3/4 days it will be

Kittens of Doom 6 - Evil Eyes 1

The final EE Wonder is in 43 and held by two players who are in VM.

This battle has been about pressure - EE did very well despite the inevitable outcome - OPS have lasted for 5 days every week for the last 3 weeks - we have seen heavy hitting, impressive stacking, mass snipes - been a tough finale.

KoD and TR will now keep pushing to 43....


After the kkmonte issue where he jumped into EE less than 12 hours before his VM started and spiked three TR Wonder Islands - EE have lost control of 6 Wonder Islands - a further update where EE lose The Statue of Zeus may take time as their gameplan has been revealed by one of their less savvy leaders;

Hope you guys plan on staying around for another 70 days. ManOWar vm renews in 28 days on oct 12 which will give him 42 more days. hahaha why don't you guys just give up now. there no way you guys can get all 7 wonders. Better luck next world.

Rest easy knowing updates will be provided thisisgrepolis


Comical if it wasn't so out of line with 'fair gameplay'.. but then again.. when has EE operated in an environment of fair gameplay? Is it really a fun game to make your entire mission to manipulate the system to try to prevent the game from reaching a proper conclusion? Is innogames really going to allow this sort of action taint if not potentially ruin the game in general? That's the real question for me. In the end.. there is a limit on VM days but given their intention to swap one player at a time utilizing maximum VM days each time... to me that is a clear intent to circumvent the intention of the game and the spirit of 'fair gameplay'.


EE are cowards and have smeared their own reputation… they better find another game to play… no one will ever trust any of them again...


Quoted from a fellow player....."I have brought this up with the mods.. they agree it is unsportmanship but dose not break any rules ... therefore they cannot interfere"

Then they need to change the Rules. I play this game to Play This Game. I don't play this game to see how much Gold folks can buy or who is best at how well they can use this unsportman like conduct to bend the Rules in their favor. Soon like was said everyone will know this trick and use it wherever possible. I'm not going to pay my money to play a game where ya don't really play the game. If they close this world before it comes to a conclusion they will lose my money. Cause I want to play a game where I actually play the game. Not sit around burning my Gold waiting instead of playing.
So we'll see how the Grepolis Folks handle this world and go from there.


There should be rules against leaving your alliance, or joining another alliance during the wonder stage.


Well - we were waiting and after the one player on the island dropped from a non strategic VM - a key city on the final Wonder Island was taken (by a player who was not allowed into Evil Eyes because Honey Badgers told them not to) within 13 hours.

The Raiders player landed a cs 12 seconds before Evil Eyes would have landed.

Kittens of Doom will be crowned champions of this world and considering they managed to get from 47/57 all the way to 43 it should be evident to all how hard they have pushed.

Soon just as Bugs Bunny said it will be "That's All Folks"