The Weekly Timber (Issue 1)


Oh my, oh my!

After so long away (and trying to figure out all the new-fangled quests, and other fun things)'s good to see the 'bad-talking', nasty-forum' activity is alive and well in this grand old game called Grepolis.

Any of my old friends out there? *sigh*

Guess not ...on a speed 1 world. *wide grin*
Perfect for me. First time trying a -speed o' so slow-
However, this slow stuff is ripe for we old folks! "Where did I put my teeth?"
Edit: Oh yes there they are. In the last person I bit. *wider grin*

Heck, last time I played was on erm... Lambda. The other Lambda.
Which was... the first world to close in Grepolis.
And yup, I was on the losing team.

Howdy all!
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So I was thinking of picking this up and trying my hand at a second issue of the Lambda Newspaper...