The Tsunami


The Tsunami

A brief description...
We will aim to control the middle areas of the world, with the players ranked top in ABP. Quality and not quantity is the way we will go. Every member will be listened to if they are not happy, and polls will be taken regularly to make sure everyone is happy.

Consider joining if...
You want an organized alliance
You don't want a dominating leadership
You don't want your fighting skills to go to waste

To join...
Send me a message in these forums with your stats from previous servers if you have any; don't worry about how many points you have, I won't exclude you for that. It's just to get a sense of where you are.

Leadership will consist of...
Position# Rights
Founder1Founder (*Note: I am one Founder, there is one spot for someone else)
Council5Mass mail, Forum Moderator, Access to internal forums, Admin of reservations
Visor1Mass mail, Access to internal forums

If you want to be in the leadership contact me in game.

No pacts until 1 week after BP ends, otherwise it's kind of pointless.

If you have joined...

Contact me if you know of anyone else that would be a nice asset to us.

Good luck to everyone playing in this world!!!
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good luck, and you have a rather large amount of people available for the leadership