The Story of Sparta (Unabridged and original)

Once upon a time, there used to be a mythical place called Sparta. It was said that they had trained the fiercest troops in Ancient Greece and could wipe out other Greeks, like the Macedonians and the Athenians

But then.....

I had my little boatie with a telescope ( ye know, those old fashioned one that is a long tube with a piece of curved glass at the end.

The sky was really foggy and then...I didn't see any ships. weird, I thought.

And then, the sky cleared. What I saw amazed me.

Small towns dotted the countryside. As I got closer, I noticed there werent any guards(hoplites) to be seen.

I got off and got my sword out and demanded that everyone obey me or else. They all did.

On that day, a new legend has been born. The story of how Stogus conquered Sparta.

The end.

Morale of the story: Sparta isn't scary at all, even when there are many "powerful" people in it. People exaggerate the truth and I, the humble Stogus has spoken the truth

Part 2 comes out in a few weeks
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King David II

Stogus stop spamming threads its not funny
HISTORY NOTE: Macedonians arent Greek


Not original.
No dramatic flair.
No creativity.
Heavy use of repetitive statements in what is essentially a short story.

1/2 star out of 5 (and I think I'm being generous)

King David II

Macedonians are ethically related but not fully Greek, they were descendants of the ancient Indo Europeans and Dorians who invaded Greece long long ago. So theres your must needed history lesson Stogus