The Spartans


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Starting in SouthWest.

I am looking for experienced players to fight with through until the end.

I personally first started on US World Alpha. I did not finish the world due to outside circumstances, but I was part of the alliance "In Andronici Memorandum" (at least that's what it was when I left). However, now I have the time to commit fully. I currently play on Olympia with the Assassins and they have taught me a great many things. I would like to have experienced players because I don't know everything about the game, and I would like to be able to give good effective advice to new players, and be able to produce a strong start that will create a solid foundation for a lasting alliance.
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The Spartans, Spartans, Spartans Elite, Shadow Spartans, Elite Shadow Spartans...the possibilities are endless.

I bet we might even see a 'This is Madness' and several '300 Spartans'.
I will wager over 100 cities will be named "Sparta" within a week... smh

Good luck with the alliance - although I must say that the name is disappointing.


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I would never fight under this name, I am pro-Athens. However, it is only fitting. And I wanted to say that I got there first, because as Beast said, there will be many "Spartans" but I'll have the first.

And Escape King, I can get one.