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The Sloths

When: Thursday or Friday, depending.
Where: Who knows!?!?@!#$!@%$^
What: We will be an alliance that is there to have fun, relax, and play Grepolis. No serious players allowed. You must be chill, like the sloth.
Why: Why not?
Who: Me. You? Sure.

How To Join
Step 1: Become a sloth.
Step 2: Ask to join (in this thread). No application needed. If I think you are sloth enough, then you are in.

We will all have personal nicknames and CoAs. We will be a demoslothy. Major decisions will be voted on. No pacts unless they are related to sloths or are extraordinarily chill. We will fight everyone because sloths have no mercy. If you have any questions, ask in a polite sloth manner.

Sarge Arty
Mighty xCalliba
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