The results of good PnP


So as some of you may or may not have figured out I thoroughly enjoy talking trash to... well everyone not on my team. Hopefully you enjoy the results of my latest efforts.

The message:

Greetings darmania,

This is your eviction notice. You chose TERRIBLY on your alliance and now you will be crucified. Even when offered an olive branch you slapped it away so this message is being sent to you. It was wonderful reading all of the wonderful banter bashing you in the alliance but it is time to say farewell. Oh I almost forgot my name is Jeb and I will be your demise... farewell

The one and only,

The Result:



Hes baaack, Jeb I feel left out I named my city death to Jeb the day you joined.
Now I'm sad :(
I'll have a good PnP for your alliance tonight if I get a minute.


She is not very good though, her city average is only 3,000.

Edit: She was very good until you came along. rank 94. and now 476 ouch.