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Not so long ago, we announce and introduced a new app to Grepolis. Our aim has been to have the same features on your mobile as you have them on your browser.

The new app finally brings the full browser version of the game to mobile. But of course, this also brought some problems. A frequent issue was on smaller displays and for people like me with large thumbs struggled a bit with the touch controls. The old app was friendlier to my hands. So, it was not easy for the users of the old app to accept the new one.

However, we are lucky to have a dedicated and passionate community. You gave us your feedback, the good things and the bad. It was based on this unique feedback that we were able to improve the app, to put focus on the matters that are important to you. We strive to combine the strengths of the browser UI and the old app.

So now the app shows off an innovative new user interface! We believe you will really like this and want to have it as a browser experience too! We got you covered – you can select it in the settings!

This has been a rework from the ground up, we listen to you saying how hard it was to use on small phones, and that you missed the quick accessibility of frequently used functions.

Here are some features of the new interface:

  • With a big map button, you toggle between the frequently used city and the island view. A smaller map button toggles between the 2 map views.
  • A new main menu, with which you can quickly access all windows. It has 3 pages. The more frequently used windows you find on the first pages.
  • The activities window shows all thinks happening like in the old app.
  • Tapping on the city name opens an improved city list window.
Although not all features of the new UI are already implemented, such as the windows for current construction orders for units and buildings, which are supposed to be opened with the buttons directly next to the map button, are still missing. We have been inspired here by a familiar approach in the old app. We will also get a unit overview like we have in the browser later on.

So here it is a whole new Grepolis experience!

We will be looking forward to your honest feedback!
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