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The Myonia Times I

Hello to all who still look at these world forums and welcome to the brand new world paper!

This will be a weekly series that will come out every Friday and feature things from Top 12 Swim or Sink to Interviews to Which Alliance Has Mayhem88 Joined This Week to basic updates on all the scandals and triumphs of this world and the people that play.

World News

Evil Dominates

Despite the widespread bans against The Evil Empire, they have managed to not only recover but thrive all the way to the top alliance in the world after having several members of Evil Squirrels hop alliances. After rumors of a pact with Robot Snipers It appears that all honor in this world is fleeing as the dishonest rule the seas.

Robot Snipers have been cornered and surrounded by the rest of the world but have put up one hell of a fight while doing so. Although they chose to stay and fight, they have made many colonies in ocean 33 to hopefully have a new place to live once the long and grueling fight for ocean 44 is over. The main occupant of ocean 33 is Overdose, Who is allied to Kaos. The two alliances had been holding up the western front against Robot Snipers but as of late things have changed. In a shocking bombshell it was discovered that Overdose was letting Robot Snipers settle in ocean 33 in a weird NAP agreement that went behind Kaos's back and broke the treaty. As of now Kaos has gone on a full frontal attack to Overdose to enact their revenge and ensue Kaos.

As the first paper I am going to keep the world news relatively short but every week we will have interviews with some of the major alliance leaders to speak on key events throughout the world.



1. With this world progressing on like it is, with alliances disbanding left and right, how do you plan to keep Kaos together and unified?

We are blessed to have a great group of leaders who are very like minded. Boomer and I have played 4 worlds together. We have each other's back and an amazing group of leaders that have ours. Couple that with a great core of loyal players and I think we have a recipe for a unified kaos. Let's be honest QOQ came real close to rimming us early in the game. Many of our players stuck with us through that war. I have faith they will do the same through the rest of the server.

2. Kaos has not lost a single city in over 3 days. What in your opinion has lead to this streak?

We cut a lot of "less than active" players. The guys and girls of kaos have developed connections and feel like more of a team. They are invested in each other and care. The strongest tools in this game are team oriented players that look out for one another and communication. All the credit goes to our team for that streak.

3. Kaos, though being a top alliance, has been called a great MRA group of simmers, do you care to shed some light on the claim?

It was true in the beginning we won't deny that. One thing about it though..... Boomer started in this world by himself. So there wasn't a single element of a premade to kaos. He came back from a grep break, and I just happened to return from a year break myself and he found me 4 oceans away. So yea we were an mra. However we have met and been fortunate enough to meet and play with some amazing players that we have played with before and many that we haven't. These guys are amazing additions to the team. After some intensive in house remodeling we have a pretty solid team of guys that we are proud to call our mates. To go from building a team from scratch to the group we have now I'd say, in my personal opinion, that I can look back and smile at that when this world ends.

Harambe Project-TheManTheMythTheLegend
1. You are at war with Evil Empire, How do you plan to deal with them?

We will continue to deal with EE. Plan is to keep fighting.
2. Ocean 44 has recently become hot new property, How important is it to you to take up the cities of what is left of Quality over Quantity?

Ocean 44... I could write a lot about how that ocean is like the puppet ocean of this server. But the importance of the cities are becoming more and more important to us.
3. What is the grand inspiration behind your alliance name? :)

The grand inspiration... Actually came when I saw the picture of the alliance. I wanted it to be something we could have fun with since I did originally come here with a group of friends.(Which the original group is now down to 1 and myself) But when we got big enough for a second alliance I wanted to keep it themed off animals that died but should not of so that is where Cecil the Lion came from.

Thank you all for giving this a read and I will be back next week with another issue of The Myonia Times



Very well done. I liked the interview section. However, I think you could have included some maps for next time.


I think you should also include alliance recruitments next time


Probably should only have one interview per paper or you will run out of people to interview shortly lol Great job though.

Maybe have a War section