The fall of Young guns

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So lately if you guys haven't notice young guns been slipping. I dont know what going on over their but somethings happening we all know tbom wasn't really a great leader. My prediction is that ygs will be gone by next year.


The only reason you think that is because you got kicked out of an alliance we are fighting and moved to an alliance we arent even close to... Youve lost touch with our current events


That's what the revolt is for. If I could win a crown and a domination crown in the span of 1 year that would be pretty cool
So my prediction seems to taking form. Grepo mauler left Young guns and it seems like young guns has fallen in point ranking by 2 ranks. The top Alliance is IE. I'm also don't believe Immortal elites will win. My prediction is that Cry havoc will win but we are a long time away from wonder world Era. I do see some young guns members leaving more in the future and possibly joining the number one alliance or creating a new alliance that is similar to profi.