The Diadochi


I am Titan Pontus, leader of the Diadochi, a Top 40 alliance. My alliance may be small now, but I have great aspirations for my alliance. I am a veteran player from US11 (Kappa) that decided my experience in the game could be used to help others that are just starting the game for the first time. So yes, the Diadochi welcomes newer players and experienced players alike.

The Diadochi were the Successors to Alexander the Great's Empire in history, and I believe that my alliance has the power to be a true empire on US15 (Xi). But of course, greatness will only come if individual players like you join us. Together we stand and divided we fall. While the real Diodochi fought and feuded with one another and eventually destroyed Alexander's Empire, we will work as one and conquer all who oppose us.

Contact me in-game if you wish to join the Diodochi. The only rules I have for players seeking to join us are these.

1) Be active, respectful, and loyal.
2) Be located in Ocean 66 or along its borders.

Titan Pontus
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