The Delphi Times - Issue One




Welcome to the first newspaper for Delphi world! I really hope everyone who reads it enjoys the read. We are almost in the 6th week of this world being opened up, so not much has happened. I will start this with the fall of what seemed to be a “promising” alliance here, Savage Subjugation founded by H3LL-Hunter. As I am sure everyone saw on the forums they posted they were the best and even needed ‘competition’ in the world. Now they are gone, dissolved and everyone wants to know what really happened that caused that!

Founders Interviews

First of all an interview with HadesHeadies One of the founders for the new Titanomachy:


1. What caused the fall of Savage*Subjugation?

The fall of ss was a complicated affair. I guess I would put it like this, we were over confident and picked too many fights, we were arrogant, then when things went badly for a few days people starting jumping ship. This game takes years to win but I suppose that they lost confidence in the alliance rebounding, we told them we'd dominate the server easily, it was great when we were number one but I guess leadership didn't do enough to keep everyone involved and in high spirits when things didn't go well. We also were very unfriendly, we said no pact or naps in the beginning and it came back to bite us in the butt when titans started making friends to fight us and we had none. I suppose Ill give a little credit to titans, they put alot of pressure on us and picked a good time to try to recruit our players, it was quite successful.

2. Do you know what happened to H3LL-Hunter?

Yes he publicly quit on the day we lost the most players, no further comment.

3. Some ex members from SS are now in Titans, how does it feel to be at war with former allies?

Sad that they gave up so quickly, alot of those players were good people and good players who I miss. I don't think they're terribly loyal to titans, the vast majority of the players who left us do not attack us they simply made the move that they thought would keep them the most safe, not a mantra I go by but certainly understandable. Anyone who left us is welcome to return with no hard feelings.

4. In your opinion, what makes a good alliance?

A good alliance imo needs to run like a good country. The people most have faith in their leadership and the leadership must return their faith in clear, fair and timely action in the best interests of the alliance. All of the members most contribute to the alliance, too many selfish people and those who are helpful will start to feel like they are doing all the work and either leave or become more selfish, then no one is doing anything. A good leadership needs to be in tune with needs of the alliance as a whole and not a small group of players as happens too much. A good alliance needs to be careful about their choices for allies and enemies, they must make sure to not have to many or two little of either. A good alliance most be organized.

5. Titans are on top of the ranks, do you think that will last long? Or do you see them falling too?

I don't see them lasting much longer in the top spot, when we took down our no pact policy we were amazed at how many alliances immediately came to us wanting to fight titans together, clearly titans have made many enemies with their policies, ss has merged with soul crushers and our new leadership is making sure we change our anti-social ways. I'm not leaving till they rim me and as long as I'm in charge of Titanomachy I can promise you our only goal will be the destruction of titans, their's not a person in our leadership who doesn't feel that way, I think. I believe that many of their top players and pacts are not terribly loyal to titans, I think when the tide turn they will abandon them. Hopefully titans will not only fall but we will rise again to replace them.


There you guys have it! A point of view of what made SS fall apart! Much respect to HadesHeadies in continuing his fight and not giving up so easily!

Next up we have zDrunkMonkey of the great Pillars of War:


1. Savage*Subjugation was on top of the ranks but fell. Did you expect this fall coming to them and what do you think caused them to fall?

I think what was so surprising was how quickly they fell. I don't think many of us nearby them thought they'd last long. Their founder had about 300 Total BP after about a month. If you're not active, people aren't going to follow you.

2. Titans are the new top alliance as some of the SS players joined them, do you expect them to fall down too?

Nah, 50cents has been around for a while. He's not new at this.

3. Legion*of*Death, Legion*of*Hell, Legion*of*Doom, and Legion*of*the*Apocalypse are one supreme alliance, what are your thoughts on this?

It's the largest MRA I've seen in years. I call them Legion of Legions - LOL!

4. In your opinion, what makes a great alliance?

Active members that want to help each other out.

5. What makes Pillars*of*War a better alliance then the rest? (In your opinion)

I don't know that we are better than the rest, yet. We have a lot - a lot - of players that are new to the game. They're definitely active, and are woking well together which are the most important things, but we have a learning curve to work through.


Now an interview with Saul-paul from Pinky and the Brain:


1. What made you guys stick with the name of Pinky*and*the*Brain?

We just thought it would be fun.

2. Titans are leading the ranks, what are your thoughts on them?

Haven't had much interaction with Titans yet, but seem like they are organized and well grouped. Obviously a force to be dealt with.

3. Legion*of*Death, Legion*of*Doom, Legion*of*Hell, and
Legion*of*the*Apocalypse are all one supreme alliance, what are your thoughts on this?

The LOD consortium (I as call them) is quite an alliance group. The biggest challenge they will face with a group that big is splinters from within. I have seen many large groups like this in other worlds, and eventually they break up. Just too many different ideas on where the alliance should go.

4. In your opinion what makes a great alliance?

Great alliances are formed by active players that work as a team. You can have numbers, but if they cannot communicate and plan then they will fail.

5. What advice do you have for new players?

For new players, I recommend finding an experienced player in your alliance and work with them until you get a feel for the game. I had a player in my first world do this for me and I learned a ton. It does get easier to understand as time goes on.


And now last but certainly not least, an interview from the supreme commander of the Legions! daggrius

1. It seems as your the supreme commander of a few Legions, Legion*of*Death Legion*of*Hell, Legion*of*Doom, & Legion*of*the*Apocalypse (Let me know if I am not missing more). How does it feel to have such a force in Delphi? Do you see your Legion taking over this world?

I definitely like having the force behind my word it helps a lot. It's also very difficult, and I'm thinking about adding a co-founder.

2. Titans are on top of the ranks right now, What are your thoughts on them? Do you feel they will be a "problem" for your Legion to take down?

If anything, I see the titans as nothing special. I think it'll be relatively easy to beat them even with their multitude of Veterans.

3. Pinky*and*the*Brain seem to have colonized some of your alliances' cities. What are your thoughts on them?

The players the actually colonized, we had been putting through initiation, we have new recruits attack their former allies and then they have to fend for themselves for 48 hours.

and as of just recently LoD has decided to respond to rising tensions with forceful actions

4. In your opinion, what makes a great alliance?

Teamwork. Without teamwork and motivation, nothing would get done.

5. Has any alliance surprised you the most in this world so far?

If anyone, Didact did. They were really strong and appeared to be fairly strong. I also expected them to put up more of a fight, now they're just fish food.


What do you all think? He seemed very confident in that his Legions will be taking over this world! We will all just have to see

Well then, now it's time for the Sink or Swim!

Sink or Swim - In the Spotlight
Every issue a random alliance/s will be picked.

The Necromongers !

I will start of by saying I don’t know much about this alliance. Ran by DarkGunXSword and dbicket who claim to have previous world experience. They are ranked number four alliance in points but only 6 as fighters! Not to impressing for me. Maybe since they are based in ocean 65 they probably don’t have enough targets to go after. According to grepostats they have been conquering plenty of small/abandoned cities. They are also pact with most of the alliances around them… Will just have to see this alliance against another big one to see what they are really worth.

Verdict: Swim! FOR NOW!

Colonization Update

Note:Last four on time of posting.

For this issue the most important event that happened in Delphi was the fall of Savage Subjugation! A few players left the alliance and then H3LL-Hunter just left! Poof! No where to be heard of again! Would of been nice for him to stay with the remaining players that seemed to be loyal to him and backed all that talk he did on the forums. I do give credit to the ones who stayed and fought under the new name of Titanomachy. Although it seemed to be a fail from the beginning since the Titans are conquering most cities from them. Leaving Titans as the number one alliance of Delphi (in ranks & fighting) conquering all alliances in their way, I wonder if the same thing that happened to SS will to them. (since Titanomachy has sent out an invitation to all other alliances to “fight off” the Titans) Could end up in a unified world against the top alliance. Would of been nice to hear from them but I tried to get an interview from one of the two founders of the Titans both 50cents & T1TAN did not want to. I wondered why? They probably think the forums are for noobs? or they are to busy running the biggest alliance? or probably just think my newspaper is trash!

What 50cents & T1TAN think of the forums:

What they really are:

Special Interview

Now time for the special interview! check-mate former leader of Savage Subjugation, who now is in Titans!


1. SS seemed to be a "promising" alliance in Delphi, as a former leader what do you think caused the fall of the alliance?

The fall of SS was pretty simple and a few players forsaw it. Barely any of the leaders were active. The founders were preoccupied with rl and other worlds. The skype chat and forums were quiet- not a great atmosphere. There was a small group of players (all in Titans now except munsonroye, alexanderz, and Digtal.Native) who were carrying SS- taking cities and providing defense for the rest of the alliance. Eventually, these players decided that SS was a sinking ship and decided to leave. This was inevitable.

2. Some SS members joined Titans with you, how did it feel to be at war with former SS allies who did not leave?

It's just like any other war really. Basically all of my friends were active enough to join Titans really. Since the players still in Titanomachy were not active in forums or skype, I have had no real interaction with most of them.

3. What were your thoughts on H3LL-Hunter (Founder of Savage*Subjugation)?

H3LL-Hunter is a player I have known through the externals for a while. He was not himself, and 2 of his top psi players (ranked 1 and 2 in psi respectively) mysteriously disappeared without warning. Not sure what happened... Anyway, I feel like he overreacted when the first 5 players left his alliance.

4. Do you feel the transition of you and the other ex SS members into Titans was a good one? & How is the leadership and members different from SS?

It has been a great transition so far! The leaders are 100% invested in this world, and the average member is much more active. The skype chat is way more active, and help is given when asked for. This is one of the best alliances I have played in on the Us. servers!

5. Titanomachy’s profile seems to be inviting all other alliances in Delphi to form some sort of pact to go against Titans, do you believe this will be a big threat to you guys?

Titanomachy, at this point, is somewhat of a joke. That merger should never have taken place (Soul Crusher had no idea what they were getting into). I cannot think of an instance where they put a single Titans city in revolt. Overall, Titanomachy better step up their game or else their new alias will be crushed, just like their old one was.


Another point of view of the fall of SS. & how the surviving ex SS members are doing!

World Map
Here is a map of some of the alliances in Delphi.



True or Rumor? You decide.

Titanomachy forming an “emergency world coalition” to take down the Titans.

Titans to break ’NAP’ with Pillars of War for a surprise attack.

All alliances are afraid of the mighty Titans, no one to stand up to them, to let them conquer the world one alliance at a time or merge into them.

The Legion of Legions are recruiting more alliances to become another “legion” alliance.

In this section we will have some of the top alliance who are gone now.



Savage Subjugation

That's all folks!

Unfortunately that's it for this issue.
Please leave all suggestions and/or questions below. If I am “missing” something please feel free to let me know! Happy hunting and see you next issue!
Credits: -Mystogan-, The Twister.

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Yeah, I love it, I can't wait for the next issue! :)


Interesting views from some of the alliance-leaders. Can't say I agree with all of it, but hey. Also having a good laugh at the rumor section. Entertaining for sure.


Good Read.

I agree with Check on most of the things he said


Nice article! Just one thing though... why is Hadiesheadies founder of titanomachy? It is like Check-mate said, he is not very active at all. Like really, hes founded 2 cities and I farm him daily...
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So sad..In ten days..

Titanochamy disbands.
.Pinky and the brain is eaten by the "legion of Legions" as it was put.

You all have no clue what is really happening in Delphi. You have no clue as to who the real players are here. wake up little noobs, the tide is coming.