The Creoth



The Creoth is a new and fledgling alliance in Ocean 46.

Although largely desiring peace, we of the Creoth will at times go out on raids in order to fill our coffers, strengthen our cities and our vassal Warlords and chieftains. Agreements with other alliances may be made, such as offering our military support in exchange for resources and/or favors.

We are not a democratic alliance, rather, we have a Feudal structure implemented, and rising in ranks is based entirely on merit. Our lowly recruits can rise high in our ranks and eventually become Creoth Warlords, and have a say in where we raid, whom we support, and so on, and so forth.

As I said, we are a new and fledgling alliance, however I fully expect for us to grow, and encourage all those without an alliance to go ahead and join us, if that is what you desire.

We are in fact seeking those with experience in Grepolis, and games similar to it, to become ranked members of our Tribe.