The Battle for Venusaur


A short story of the the battle for Venusaur.:
The forces of the Dark Wolves Empire had decided to finally remove the sole hold out on their island. it was the dreaded Applesnider90 that was infecting their beloved island with an army of the empire of Pillars. The initial battle was brutal, and the citizens of Venusaur revolted against the Empire. However, General Applesnider90 was leading the defense of this city. He gazed upon the horizon, and saw the overwhelming forces that were unleashed upon his troops.
spartan leader.jpg
The full naval power of the Dark Empire.
greek navy.jpg
General Apple, as his loyal troops called him, quickly sent out a call to the rest of his countrymen to come to the defense of Venusaur. And so the epic battle began. The land troops were quickly killed by flying creatures that descended from the heavens, as walls fell from the catapults.
But in the end, it was a battle between 2 massive navies that decided the fate of Venusaur. As the battle raged on, The Dark Empires Light ships looked like they would completely destroy the defending Bireme fleet. All hope was lost.
However General Apple knew that reinforcements were on the way. But would they make it in time? Then, on the the horizon he see's the cities salvation. The allied navy:
As The Dark Empire sent their entire Lightship force to destroy the defenders, the brave warriors of the Pillar Empire came through and were able to repel the assault.
As night bonus came around, it was clear that the battle was won. Though many lives were lost in this epic battle, the warriors of Pillars raised their shields in victory.
war victory.jpg
But knowing full well that this is just the beginning. The Dark Empire will not take this defeat lightly.


LOL I love this Luigi! Good stuff! No low blows: just a neat, stylized recollection of an awesome battle that we just so happened to come out on top of. I was one of the first in the battle as General Applesnider90 is my right hand man in this world. My first statement was "Can you get me a wisdom on that 8:06:26 attack by PresidentSmirnoff?" Sure enough, 3 LS with a ton of horses/DE's and catapults. Needless to say I timed some birs in front of that one haha. The timing shored up tighter on it though in defense of Dark Wolves and the 5 minute (yea.. lol) gap was closed down to 3 seconds. My OLU snipe was mediocre at best (6 seconds) but the Ls cover on the frontside was actually 9 seconds and the 3 second clear was also OLU.. so I ended up sinking I believe 3 OLU nukes before the birs were whittled down from 95 to 20 and I had enough of a break that I was able to recall the last of them and begin to re-form the unit for later in the battle.

I've played against Dark Wolves in several worlds. A few of them I do not get along with BUT for the most part I both like and respect their players. I am having fun and looking forward to the battle royale that is Nikaia :-D

Best of luck DW! (and what's up to the people amongst you whom I'm friendly with.. where is panda? I miss him and haven't seen him in a bit)


Josh.... panda is with us hahahahaha. Its was hours before the walls fell. I think my DLU were there for the first 30 attacks before the last of them died and BRs were sent


I'm not sure you were going for cute, but Mega, DUDEs is cute! Love it.

Also cute, this battle depiction. Very nicely done. Sadly though, I wasn't at this battle :(.

Mega, you are off about one thing, no rage spending here. It's not like we are fighting you. Lol


amazing read, funny enough, i started this battle. When word got out, the forum blew up and all eyes were on Venusaur, it became a race to the city. You did a great job pillars! Cant wait to see who comes on top in this war.