The Bandits


We are just starting out here in Ocean 57 with one in 67


This is my second world first playing in MU. I built myself up to 175k before my alliance leaders childish action caused an us vs. the world situation. We had a few good players but damn I couldn't take on a 2 mil alliance by myself. I held out for 4 days of never having less than 25 incoming attacks. But I can't play 24/7 damn the real world…LOL

So I set out to start my own alliance this time. I am a manager in real life and I have people skills dammit. I talk with the customers so the engineers don't have to. I'm good at dealing with people. Anyways we are recruiting players who are active. I am willing to teach new players who are active!!! Would love to get some experienced players on board. I have elected 2 others as leaders who have all played several worlds themselves.

We have fun and are creating a supportive group of active players!!! Message me if you are interested in joining.


what alliance was that?

mine alliance was last stand brigade, the war was waged against Mount Olympus and they were allied with 7 of the top ten alliances.

The one that ultimately took me out was the Invio Wizards… Most of the wizards sucked balls they would have 3 hour gaps between final clearing attacks and CS, but there was a few good players in there alliance with good timing. but at one point I had 107 incoming attacks targeting 13 of my 14 cities. Its hard to plan my support when so many attacks are incoming!!!
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whatever happens to them they just disappear from the world


Here is the alliance profile

We fight with honor and respect. We are currently recruiting members, who are active preferably experienced but I will assist in training you if need be as long as you are active. I have played several worlds and started here to form my own alliance to bring to power…

Message Spoosh if you are interested in joining.

Recruiting - Spoosh
Diplomacy - Spoosh

A message to our enemies:
"We fight with honor. Though you may become my enemy I shall respect you. I will never underestimate the power you possess and never shall I uncover the power I possess until what I possess was once yours." Spoosh

Acts of War
Any hostile action or words against any alliance member
Recruiting members
Spying on members
Attacking members


You can get rid of the Message Sploosh is you wish to join because you already say that in contacts