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The Calm Before The Storm.

The excited chatters have begun, alliances are being formed, and killers are signing up for the upcoming wars!

Will you join this upcoming glorious battle that will be taking place only 4 short days from today!? Sign up now! And take part in the excitement that will sweep the oceans and lands of apollonia!

Be you a gold farmer, ship builder, turtle breeder or kraken in waiting, theirs room for all!!

We ask that you leave your feelings at home, warn everyone that lives with you about the late night battle alarms , and get in on this truly epic moment in time!

Hope to see you their! Until the next edition of The Apollonian Times, I bid you adoo! :cool:


well InsaneHawk dropped off the edge of the world for that premade alliance, And on a game note Once Again No Mail About the New World for US server just one on the 17th for an EN server BOOOO


Been a while since I've played REVOLT map-----my question is if your city is put in RED REVOLT by player X, is he/she the ONLY player able to take the city???


Only the people who revolt you can take your city when it is actually revolted. So if Player A revolts me and Player B sends a CS, B's CS will not do anything. But if player A AND B revolt my city then either or can send a CS.


THANK YOU, I thought as much, but better to be safe than lose a city to stupidity!!!!!!hahahahahahaha

Mole Man 420


The Dust is stirring.

Where now a few weeks into the world, and all sorts of dust is being kicked up.

Pacts being made, shady hole in the wall bar room deals being made with I'll intentions, enemies are shaking hands with knives up their left arm sleeves, and yet we all eagerly await the settling of the dust.

The first initial alliance downfall we all are waiting for, Apollonia is in for some good times, and some bad for some
Ghost cities will flood the oceans when a might alliance is tipped over, will you be their to claim new ownership? Or will your names be etched into the city walls. " XXX was here ".

Stay tuned for more, when the dust settles....


You should do an investigative piece on all these alliances I've never heard of saying they're either in a Pact or NAP with Blood, Mole.
BREAKING NEWS: HoA leadership has declared war against MMC and Mouseketeers due to the fact they were getting slaughtered by just a single man, theonejoshmon, who is a serial killer. Here's what one MMC player had to say:
"Oh no not HoA, whatever shall we do?"

HoA officials were not available at the time to comment likely due to the fact they are wondering what in the world they just did.

In other news, Blood leadership is completely gone, either ghosted [zErNiEz], IA [Dreadthrill], or in VM [noodlenp]. The fact Blood still has an alliance in the top 12 has not ceased to amaze me.

This is some random fake news reporter you all hate, wishing you all a happy time until the next issue of Apollonian Times comes out, probably never because no one will actually read this, will they? I'm just wasting my time here.....

Edit: Here's my in-game profile picture, fit to the exact size needed for those who want it.

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It's accurate. You were murdering every HoA up on that one island and they asked Dug if our two alliances could be friends. Dug said no and they turned us red.


It's accurate. You were murdering every HoA up on that one island and they asked Dug if our two alliances could be friends. Dug said no and they turned us red.
And now they all quit. ridiculous they come into a world for a couple months and first time their tested fold, why bother?


Any of the moderators know if and when Daidalos the bireme hero will be unlocked in this world... seems we have ll but him unlocked.