The Ancestors Alliance



Hello all.

I am Demon Janitor. I used to play several years ago, in en5. I've been getting back into it recently just joined the US servers.
I used to be 700,000 points in en5. I have lots of experience, I'm looking for members with at least some experience to build on and players with lots of experience to help lead.

We will launch SE.

We will be in this world for one purpose.

This game needs more alliances with good mixes.

Right now alliances are all experienced players, or all noobs.
We need a bunch of new who have played before but who know what they're doing enough to give me a basis to work with.

Have played before, conquered atleast one city, by revolt or conquest.
Have taken at least 10 cities or broken 100k.

Thank you. We will dominate this world with the help of able bodied members willing to work hard to make the top.

Alliance cap 110, so the members requirements are not huge, and are flexible. If you've played before, you can join.
Not an MRA, but an alliance that will have good leadership, active and aggressive members, potentially needing just a little bit of mentoring at the start.​


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