The Anathema- Recruiting >_<


WE are an alliance that started and is still growing in Knossos, but leaders are experienced in other worlds

WE are looking for experienced players to join us in this upcoming world.

WE will not be an MRA, although experience is preferred I will not turn down a prospective member due to first world. As long as I can ensure and believe you are not going to get a ten minute wait on a building upgrade and quit the game because that is too long (wait till later, you will wish it was 10 minutes), then apply.

Communication is key:
-Skype is good, of course not a definite requirement
-Activity in Forum; good to know where you are in your building, where you plan on going, etc.

-How can you build a city, troops, expand, and support and be a asset to the alliance if you barely play or once in a while.

Have somewhat of a head on your shoulders
-self explanatory, welp, at least for the one's that it describes

-Sounds high schoolish, but you support us, WE support you
-Get to know your neighbors, and your fellow members
-A tighter Alliance is a more supportive alliance

-Work smarter, not harder

WE are The Anathema

It is never to early to start scouting.
Scouting: Meaning no decision will be made until some time in the game, mediation and conversations can still take place
*An alliance with the same or similar core values as described above
*Activity is a must
*Council must have knowledge of the game​

and yes, i write we as WE on purpose.


Best of luck in the game. Which ocean are you guys going to?


Ok, I am surprised lol. Ocean 54 just got turned down.


everyone and their mother wants to start there. and players with more connections to experienced players are just going to overtake. we need time to grow.

as for me, i don't have those connects. i have read many things on the forum, i have just never made an account for the forum until recently.


I am pretty focused on Juktas and Knossos right now, so maybe not, but maybe I will sim there


I am pretty focused on Juktas and Knossos right now, so maybe not, but maybe I will sim there

eh, i hear it. I started with one world, ended up in 4 and beta. Time consuming, but can't get myself to put any of them off.