The ABC of the security of your account


To protect your account grepolis game against theft, here are some guidelines that take place in three points:

A - Registration

1) access and game registration must be exclusively from the site:
Access to the game through other sites can be dangerous due to viruses or they could install keylogger on your computer.

2) Choose a password containing at least 10 alphanumeric characters (az and 0-9) containing uppercase and lowercase.
Also avoid passwords consisting of words, names or dates.
Passwords like "SOCK", "Sabrina" or "12122012" are easily found passwords.
I suggest you use a generator like this.
For example: asHa345mEt

3) Do not enter a password on computer or paper, for example, a post-it, or a text file on the desktop. Your account would be easily flyable.

4) The email address of record must be a secure address with password and secret question as complex as for the game
It is a good idea to take a question and answer with no link between them.
For example:
Q: What is your favorite color?
R: opera
The team strongly recommends the use of an address mail@GMAIL.COM, system mailbox at Google.

B - During the game

1) Never give out information to anyone.
No team member will ask you for information about your credentials.

2) Never give out personal information via instant messaging software such as Skype or MSN, it is possible that people ask you questions to get the answer to your secret question.
Try not subscribe to too many external site for Grepolis (Sites of statistics, external forums, fan site, etc. ..) and when you do use an email address different from the one used to register the game .

3) Never accept files through instant messaging software such as MSN or Skype, each file is a potential risk and may be carrying a virus or a keylogger.
Once a keylogger is installed on your computer, the thief is going to experience all the keys you tapperez. (And your passwords, and much more information)

4) Do not visit sites that offer codes, promotions and other exciting offers on Grepolis. Any site other than shall ask you your login grepolis.
If you find other sites asking you, do not hesitate to contact the staff Grepolis.

5) It is advisable to use an anti-virus and a firewall up-to-date.
Avast is a free solution quite correct regarding the anti-virus.

C - In case of theft account

1) If there was a flight of the day, that means you did not follow one of the points A and B.
2) Apply for a renewal of the password via the "Forgot password" on this site.
With luck the person has not changed the email address and you can regain control of the account.
3) Make a virus scan to clean your computer of malware.
4) Change the password for the account and the email address of record.
5) Enter a new password that is not related to the player.
6) If you still have not managed to recover your account, please contact support via a ticket.

If you follow the ABCs of security of any account, in particular the points A and B you should never have a problem.
Remember that your username can pass lead you to steal your account but in addition, it is prohibited by the rules of the game and may be punishable by a permanent ban of the account.

Please remember that the flight can be made only in 2 ways:
1) The thief knows your credentials, ie account name and password.
2) the thief knows the account name and the email address of record have access to this email address. (Knowing the secret answer for example)

Please remember also that less personal information you disclose in the game, your account will be more secure.

In particular:
1) If you give someone your login account will have no security, you can consider your account as already stolen.
2) If you give your MSN address, your Skype account name or your email address your security will be much lower.​