Team Bad Guy WW Shenanigans?! Mods/Admins Read

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As many of you guys must've noticed, TBG has completed "The lighthouse on the island of Pharos at Alexandria" through bypassing the pre-defined requirements to build this monument. When TBG built this monument, they matter-of-factly didn't control all of the cities on [island]188913[/island]. Most of us all probably know that in order to built a WW monument you need to fulfill these guidelines:

"Your alliance controls all cities on this island"
"The era of the World Wonders has begun"
"Your alliance occupies this construction site"
"The World Wonder is being expanded. Current level: X"

One of my homies, Rataben59 inquired about this issue and this is the response:
Thank you for your ticket!

They control all the open spots on the island. The ghost city does not count because it is pretty close to being the same as a blank, open spot where you would be able to colonize.

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LulluLea used the words herself/himself/itself (who knows nowadays) "The ghost city" to identify the ghost town. Now.. I'm not a rocket scientist.. I'm not any kinda scientist, nor am i rocket,.. but I've noticed a severe fundamental problem here..

Looking back at the WW requirements, you can clearly see listed is, "Your alliance controls all cities on this island"!

This predefined entity of a "Ghost city" is undeniably a city. It's in it's name, and it has actual buildings inside of it. If a CS is landed inside of it, buildings wouldn't magically appear, but it would simply receive a new owner.
So to compare this city, with 7,709 points (at the time that I'm writing this), to a blank slot and simply say that it's "Pretty close to being the same as a blank" is 100% preposterous (in not only my perspective, but the multitudes of players opposing TBG). Even if it's viewed as "pretty close" to being an empty slot, it either is or isn't (in this case isn't) one.

When I am breaking a siege and there's 1 bireme left, the siege remains in session, even though it's "pretty close" to being broken!


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Hey vindication, you mad bro? Feel free to sim the rest of the way like all you feds/cl*******s/empire/EVERYBODY in this world.
Its kind of cool having almost as much bp as all the enemy alliances, but maybe that means that the enemy alliances suck, not sure...

All hail Uncle Seni


Yes, I do hope all the mods and admin's read this.. I know they just put out a call for new game and forum mods.. maybe you will qualify after they notice how much time you have put into formatting this post, which might i add, so succinctly dissects and exposes out how the bad guys continue to find ways to be super human and repeatedly strip wonders right out from under all of your noses... can't be because we actually know how to play as a team, could it?



More crying to the do understand how pathetic it is that you ask big brother to keep bailing you guys out don't you?
You go on a public forum and accuse the mods of cheating.
Tell me, how far will you keep going before you realize you're all just outmatched.

Now you reach for a game setting that anyone that's played Grep for any amount of time should know............just sad.

Guess you guys thought you were smart with your stack to ghost technique........BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


Just to clarify,

An alliance is still able to have control of an island even if there are ghosts on it. Think of it this way, a ghost town (as it states in the wiki is different than a normal city), there isn't a player behind it and it has unique features, such as defenders don't get bp from supporting it, so it doesn't count as a player city and in order for a wonder to be built, the alliance must own all cities on the island. In the case of WW, they are basically acting as empty anchor spots as no player is controlling them and you don't need to own all anchor spots to build ww, just all cities.

In the wiki it states:
Note: This is also the case if a city on the island ghosts. However, unlike the loss of a city through conquest, the alliance will still be able to continue building the wonder, though at a loss of the last completed level and resources.


Like we said earlier, "THANK YOU for defending our ghost for us while we built level 10 back up again. We didn't have to worry about anybody taking our wonder away from us while you all lose YOUR troops (For NO BP, I might add) due to stacking it every day for us." We at TBG couldn't have done it without you. So *HUGS and KISSES*...You guys are the bestest!!!!


I assumed that with so many previous crown winners in the alliances/un that you guys would have known this.


I assumed that with so many previous crown winners in the alliances/un that you guys would have known this.

well maybe there last world was so pathetic that they didn't have these situations


honestly you guys should be ashamed of not only the way you all have played but continue to play. Your whole goal and reason for playing is to stop us form winning, thats such a great and competitive way to play

SKS has now resulted in building the last wonder in 03 lol and I wonder what the goal with that would be.....

Shame on the whole server, and it is because of players like you all why at the end of the server you never find anyone who actually plays but you rarely find anyone with merit

Kudos to my guys for keeping the game fun, playing it the way it is supposed to be played and playing with merit

Your just mad because he was able to singlehandedly beat half the server alone not only with his units but with his wit

Doesnt matter whether we get a crown or not as we dont play it for one, unlike the rest of you scrubz
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1. Read the wiki. Pretty damn obvious. You have no idea how much we laughed and laughed at your pathetic alliance piling in all your turtle units into this city only to die fruitless deaths. I see some of you are finally pulling out (so many tasteless jokes I could make, but I won't. . . for now). Good Luck taking it.

2. This could have been avoided if you actually defended your wonders properly, or hell, even attempted to be aggressive against ours. The only thing funnier than you guys defending a ghost city were the sad little CS attempts on our wonders in the past 2 weeks.

The whole "playing for 1 so TBG doesn't get 7" is the saddest thing I have ever seen.


Hey guys,
make sure you read the forum rules. We have noted your concern and this issue will be handled through other channels.

This thread has been closed at the request of the Community Manager. Please do not recreate it.

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