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Hello and welcome the official taras newspaper application. I'm looking forward to seeing your application's.

To apply you must be able to schedule time for meetings, working on the newspaper, and reviewing the newspaper. You must also be able to finish your part of the newspaper within a 45 day time limit. I'm strict about the time limit. Though if there has been emergency and I know of it I'll give you 10 days extra or how many you need to complete your part of the newspaper.

If you have never worte or help in the making of a world newspaper then let me know and I'll explain the job of each role for you.

You can either contact me through discord or through forums

Discord ID
Yaya Unidentified8#6622

Application link:

Hope to create the best newspaper team in grepolis. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Interested to see how this newspaper turns out, sent in an application to see if I can help in my spare time!