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About: Take Notes is a group of players and friends who are ready to fight. We are here to take cities and have fun as a group.

Myself: I have played since November 2013. I recently took a break off for school. I have lead a couple alliances, my first few attempts on Gythium and Juktas were terrible since I was a noob and did not know how to play. My last attempt on Marathon went well, we merged into the now WW winning alliance Fight Club. I helped lead their academy alliance, but like I said I left(got a crown though :p). I am now a Forum mod in Calydon.

HybridChaos: Chaos has been playing since 2010 with short breaks in between. He has been in 4 worlds: EU Kappa, EU Athens, US Naxos, and US Baris. He won the crown with his alliance in EU Athens, and his alliance went on to win the crown on Naxos after he quit.

RussBuss: Russ is a good player who puts others first. A great teammate to have, Russ led an alliance on Gythium. It went well, but were then taken out by the beasts that were called War.Hammer.

Recruitment: Either send RussBuss or myself the information below. We are looking for experienced and aggressive players looking to have fun.

-Experience(Stats would help)

- Amount of Activity

- Skype(If you have one)

- Why you want to join

Diplomacy: No thanks :)
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wow, this one looks sick!

To bad I dont like the settings.. :/

But I think I'll join until a new world doesn't pop uP! :p

but not in your alliance I think ;)

Good luck bud!


Kylehob, I would like to join you in the world. I am currently on the same alliance as you in Claydon and would like to be part of your alliance on US 48. :)


Kyle will you release a premade roster before the world comes out?


Ewww what is this? Russ and Kyle working together? lol i guess i might apply