Support troops once a city is gone??

Michael H


If I send support troops from one of my larger cities to one of my smaller cities and then the larger city is conquered, what happens to those support troops. Do they become permanent parts of the smaller city that it can then use to send out on attacks?

Thanks for your input!


Those supporting troops disappear. Poof. That's pretty much it.


Though, there is something extra to it, if I'm right.

Lets say you indeed have your troops in a different city, and a conquest is on the way in their original city. If you'd retract the troops, and they're still on their way back when their original city is conquered, they shouldn't disappear, rather continue their way home, and thus become the troops of the attacker (new owner of the city). This way you could 'give' your city to someone (either to keep good morale or help someone on his way), without letting the troops go to waste.

I remember reading this somewhere, but if this is incorrect, please do notify me.