Spartan Assassins Spring 2021 Feedback Thread


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I'll spare a lot of personal criticism, and focus on explaining what made me particularly fond of this event in 2020. I feel like almost all of the commentary on the EN thread still rings true on US, as it is essentially the same event w/ the same metrics.

It's a fun mini-game of statistic probability, that lets you re-roll & increase your odds. It can help starting players get a leg up, and funds the server's economy so that it can scale accordingly. However, for a promo to increase unit-scaling, there would be fundamentals of balance.

Prior, there used to be DLU tokens that gave a greater return than myths, causing some sense of balance that didn't give any outlier tokens.

That being said, I feel like it's lacking a lot of reward payout compared to previous years. It's almost like the 'I'll spend it just bc I have it' approach, compared to actively playing for certain perk payouts. Though, I do understand the nature of nerfing certain aspects to create a more sustainable player-economy for myths in particular.

Ex: Upscaling prize cost 2-4x, and not upscaling promotional offers during the event.

Ex: Timeline for event shortened 1/2, while keeping community goals the same thresholds as prior years (EDIT: Looks like they scale accordingly, however we'll likely achieve 1/5 of the Community goals even w/ scaling. If there's no real prize motive, it won't drive engagement).

Ex: Decreasing payout of myths, and removing DLU aside from hoplites/chariots entirely.

Ex: Slow transports, need I say more. Very very low utility on this unit.

Ex: Removal of biremes, and LS remains. While biremes have slower production.

Ex: Removal of 4x as reward for Sapper 'Spade Collector', and substitution to a 2x capped at 32k.

It simply pales in comparison to it's prior reputation, comparable events, and seems lackluster to say the least next to itself last year. Especially, to follow up the Easter event. I'm still sitting on near a full inventory, and don't really have any incentive to acquire costly troops I'd not traditionally use.
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Here we are not 40 hours apart from the end of this event and we can't reach Community goal 2 even if we invest every single gold coin into it.

I am on 2 worlds right now, one is very active (Tegea) and the other one not so much (Amisos), basically the threshold is the same. Similar thing happened last year when we couldn't reach Community goal 2/3, depending on the world. You said it was a mistake on your part and gave us the remaining rewards for a while as a compensation. Will this happen again? It looks like the algorithm remained the same as last year and there's no chance in hell we can push it to 2/5 in next 40 hours with this pace.


Hit the nail on the head. I came out of VM last Wednesday and knew not to expect us to get Community Goals 3-5 this time. The fact of the matter is there are not a lot of active players and this event didn't account for that.