Sink or Swim

Cruella de Vil

i guess ill give it a go
1. Bunny killers-my team no comment
2. Public Enemy-formerly magic kingdom they had alot of players ghost and vm but they are still hanging in-Swim for now
3. The Lunatic Brigade- solid core group of players. i know a few of them and they seem to be holding their own-swim
4. Rename me soon-not gonna lie dont know a ton about them but fro what i see they're doing all right-swim
5. Unstable Connections- things i want to say but will refain from doing so the heavy hitters here will hold them up for awhile-Float
6. Beauties and the beazt- appears to be a 2nd alliance for the former Magic kingdom so they get the same -Swim
7. Battle Brawlers- small group appears to be slugging it out with #5 not the best group but have some potential-Float
8. Alliance for world piece- not sure these guys ever floated just seems that players join to have someone to talk to while they get eaten-Sink
9. JIGGS- home of jiggerhole a one man army atm currently not the main focus for alot of people but if any one of the top 5 give it a solid effort shouldn't have too tough a job unless someone else steps in to help- float/sink
10. In Limbo- as the name suggest these players are in limbo between life and death. mostly just food for other- Sink

Honorable mention:
Burgers and burritos
Mountain warriors
Zues's Favor -- all of these are small groups or stand alone players that have the potential to stir things up or be a thorn in the side of others half currently are on VM and are TBD if they come back
Its obvious you guys hate UC I for the life of me can not understand why they are with you guys still!


i think uf forgot to discount the 2 dozen plus cities u took from your own players. id also like to see those graphs without UC on them


I think we find it a bit different when u compare the alliance ur actually fighting vs the ones you taking apart the inactive players from
and just an FYI your taking more cities from each other then from BK.



Thanks for your stats. I'll try to bring some history and the latest events behind them and let the community evaluate them.

These stats seem to be confirming MRA that absorbed low-performing alliances with the sole purpose to eat their players while benefiting their temples and promising their leaders final roster.

BK leaders/founders pushed players to mass spam PE threatening them to be booted and eaten instantly if they don't post reports. They even promised 30k rss reward for the best spammer. Imagine 120-170 players spamming 2 or three 24/7. And imagine ruining people's lives for 30k in virtual rss.

As an outcome, BK got 40+ PE cities over 2 days with mass-timing into players' VM while their vassal alliances got nothing but more threats to be eaten and such.

Here comes the stats back again. Active players vs active players: MRA is still way behind, and BK alone is still slightly behind.

But guess what! Every time BK player is losing siege against PE/Beuties they move them to UC to keep BK stats looking better. Can be checked on grepolife as well.
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Btw, If you are not happy with the quality of your MRA and so sure in BK supremacy, break those pacts and play straight.



idk who u got info from but at no point has anyone been threatened to be booted for not posting a report on an attack. if your talking about us booting sparticus. the repeated 3+ days of inactivity where the reason for that. yet history does tend to be one sided when you want to support your claims