Sink or Swim US105



It's been a while since I've done one of these. I'll be excluding my alliance from the list (Necessary Evil) since its obvious I back the team I'm on. Here's my thoughts from the outside looking in.

1. The Family/The Family II: A story as old as time, US105's pinnacle MRA. Now, there is plenty of quality players in The Family, but we've seen that they're fighting on all fronts. SINK

War Stats

10-15 vs Court of Owls
1-13 vs Necessary Evil
9-2 vs Act of Valor/Acts of Valor
12-0 vs Mountain Warriors

2. Court of Owls: Seemingly the top dogs of O54 and continually growing with the help of their leading star. They pose the largest threat to The Family and have shown they're here to stay. SWIM

War Stats

15-10 vs The Family/The Family II
1-0 vs Act of Valor/Acts of Valor

3. Act of Valor/Acts of Valor: Recently formed from the remnants of Paper St Soap Company who were steamrolled into submission. This seems to be a new group of players lead by some familiar faces. So far, not off to a great start, but as we know in Grepo, things change. SINK

War Stats

1-10 vs The Family/The Family II
0-12 vs Necessary Evil
0-2 vs Court of Owls

4. MOUNTAIN WARRIORS: Some things are best left unsaid. However, they do have a tight core in O55. Due to their position and the nature of attrition they've received my freebie here. FLOAT

War Stats
0-12 vs The Family/The Family II
0-2 vs Necessary Evil
0-1 vs Court of Owls

5. The Fae/Faunos/Arcturion: Who are they? No, seriously, someone let me know down below. Will they be the downfall to Act of Valor in O44? Only time will tell. We'll group them together due to the similarities in alliance profiles. SINK

War Stats


The US forums are as dead as a doornail so any feedback down below is appreciated. I'll do one of these each month moving forward if there's a decent enough response (I might even add maps). Thanks for reading and remember to brush your teeth!

Note: All stats provided by GrepoLife, the site that keeps on giving.
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I miss these, but that's dead on. I'd almost put Fae and them as a SWIM though but only because of their proximity to Act of Valor and with them definitely being a sink, I think they can pick off enough of their pieces (as they collapse) to form up and be the strongest non-family, non-evil presence IN 44.

Time will tell. Oh, the politics of O44.. lols

54 and 55 looks like a mess on the map but the numbers don't lie.. Owls are tearing at Family in a coordinated manner in order to core up, while Family (likely) hits wantonly, everywhere, with no real focus/direction/strategy/hope/ill stop ---

This is coming down to Owls and Evil, imagine that.


Very insightful analysis, thank you @SgtSeeker!

Owls just wanted to play without any pressure, since the beginning we were outnumbered and Necessary Evil made the best drop on this world, coring up in 45 with a great plan for expansion. I would agree that in the end Owls and Evil will be fighting for this world.

Imo NE will definitely swim, you have stable leadership and clear goals. At least both of our teams dislike MRAs (no wonder lol) and we're doing everything to tear them into one solid team that would be a 3rd competitor. Don't know if that's possible but time will tell.


I'm not in this world but I still like reading these type of posts, especially if you continue to give updates. If there's one thing we know about Grep it's that things do often change from where they were at the start. It's interesting to see how that happens, even in worlds I am not part of.

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