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In the realm of Grepolis, where alliances rise and fall, and strategies clash like titans in an ancient battleground, there exists a shadowy force that lurks beneath the surface—the Grepolis moderation team. While ostensibly tasked with maintaining order and fairness, they have instead become instruments of suppression, wielding bans as weapons to silence dissent and stifle freedom of expression.

**The Silencing of Players**

At the heart of this manifesto lies the egregious practice of silencing players through the arbitrary imposition of bans. These bans, ostensibly issued for violations of community guidelines, are often wielded capriciously, targeting individuals who dare to speak out against the status quo or challenge the authority of the establishment.

External bans, in particular, have become a favored tool of the moderation team. By invoking the specter of external threats, they justify the suppression of voices that dare to question their actions or policies. This insidious tactic not only silences dissent but also instills fear within the community, forcing players into compliance through the specter of punishment.

**The Tyranny of Moderation**

Behind the façade of fairness and impartiality lies a deep-seated tyranny. The Grepolis moderation team, far from being neutral arbiters of justice, have become the architects of oppression. Their actions are guided not by a commitment to the principles of fairness and transparency but by a desire to maintain control and quash any challenge to their authority.

The use of bans as a tool of suppression is not only unjust but also antithetical to the spirit of the game. Grepolis is meant to be a realm of freedom and competition, where players are free to engage in diplomacy, strategy, and conflict without fear of retribution. Yet, under the iron fist of the moderation team, this freedom is but an illusion, shattered by the specter of bans and censorship.

**A Call to Action**

But all is not lost. In the face of oppression, there lies the spark of resistance. It is time for players to unite against the tyranny of Grepolis moderation, to demand accountability, transparency, and the restoration of freedom of expression. We must speak out against injustice, challenge the arbitrary use of bans, and hold the moderation team accountable for their actions.

Together, we can tear down the veil of silence that shrouds Grepolis, exposing the tyranny that lies beneath and ushering in a new era of freedom and fairness. Let us stand together, united in our defiance, and reclaim the soul of Grepolis from those who seek to suppress it. The time for silence is over; the time for action is now.

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This sounds completely crazy to me. Instead of posting stuff like this why not query what is of concern in a ticket. Personally I have been a mod for many years and I have always tried to be fair. I am not playing any server and I have no issue who wins. Why then would I ban anyone who is not guilty. In any case no one is ever banned without a full investigation and proof of wrongdoing. It is also an offence to discuss bans so I will lock this thread.
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