Sick of this fellow


Hi guys,

i am owning a peaceful alliance repellous, hardly 5000 combined point...
This fellow alliance of alliances member ZEEK99 and Zeek100 (which i believe are the same players with atleast 6 - 7 ids) has already captured my city with most of points and now is after my other cities.
i know it isn't against the rules but he is like having 24000 points so that makes it hard for me to compete against!!

i left the decision on you guys for whether he is right or wrong.

Please suggest, comment , debate whatever...
i will start building my new alliance again...
No matter what stage of the game you are in, it is your responsibility to be able to defend your cities..

I see no reason he should allow you to get stronger before he attacks.


But my question is like... how ethical is it to continue to attack each of my city everyday, how am i suppose to grow...
There are other cities apart from me.
It will only lead to me leaving the game forever!!
Which for his game means free cities after you ghost.
If you want to grow..Why not dodge his regular attacks and take out his CS attempts.

Let him beat up some militia and keep your army intact so you can fight back.


i am dodging his regular attacks, but all my resources are spent on it!!
So how am i supposed to grow like this??
Is there a way i can block it??