Share internet connection



I play with my gf on the same wifi, sometimes same pc/laptop . We live in the same house, the thing is we cant enjoy grepolis beacuse this rule is blocking us to play toghether ! We cant support/attack the same enemy, we cant do nothing .

May i ask why is this even a thing? Imagine friends that live in the same house with shared wifi and cant play.
Searched forums a bit and was wondering why is this still a thing, if people will try to play on 2 accounts or multiple , they will use other programs and still do it.

Cant we just change this? its 2022 , some rules are just bad thought-out .
I think i will quit again beacuse i cant enjoy the game all the way with my gf.


Ofc this game is almost dead when devs dont even bother

Gonna quit it then, just keep in mind what i said if it matters tho.
Best regards



True *cough* but maybe we slip once and mods are just there to easy ban , not to fix problems.
I dont wanna evade things that are just plain dumb and easy to consider and fix. Never happens tho, they prefer to ignore anyway.
Like who am i a littel mortal player questioning rules lol, all mighty devs please forgive me kappa.