Saving Grepo: Blood Preservation


I've played in a couple different worlds, and the pattern is the same every time:
  • World Annoucned
  • Long standing alliances decide if they're abandoning current worlds
  • Grepo's Greybears time their drop to all be together
  • They drop in.
  • Drop $100 in gold to get 5 cities in 3 days
  • And then start pouncing on everyone they don't know (which is made easier by greposcores being visible.
  • New folks get either taken in one fight or harrassed by 35 attacks in a couple days and quit.
See the issue?

No one new sticks around and the game dies.

The solution:
Beginners Only Worlds.

Maybe even tiered play that you have to opt out of.

Start worlds (maybe 1 in 5?) where if you have a Greposcore over a certain number (say 20,000 for discussion) you get dropped into a newb world, maybe with enhanced in game tutorials or hints.

A lot of online games use this method.


and whats stopping people from making new accounts and still kicking butt?