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  1. sandhurst90

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    Dulce et Decorum (New name)

    Dulce et Decorum


    If you are interested in joining please message me on the forum or in game (which ever is more practical). Select South East when joining the world. (where we will be based)

    About my experience:
    ~Played in Rho where I founded Oceans Heaven which was a top 10 alliance (had to quit because of RL)
    ~I have experience as a founder and leader in the EN server but had to quit for the same reasons (EN67-Cerberus founder/EN66 Oceans Heaven founder)
    ~Currently playing in the world Sigma in Death Row which is ranked #3.
    ~I have held the responsibility of all the roles you could think of in an alliance and am a fairly knowledgeable player who is looking to help other players learn and grow.

    ~Must be active and committed.
    ~Must be respectful and work well in a team.
    ~Looking for experienced players to join and help the less experienced players (shall also be looking for Leaders, diplomats, forum mods etc)
    ~New players are welcome if they are willing to work hard and learn.
    ~The alliance uses skype so an account would be useful.

    Current roster:
    Da best ever


    Dulce et decorum
    "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"

    Dulce et Decorum is not an MRA! We are a collective group of hard working and strong players. If you're not here to win and fight to the last man then go somewhere else...

    Open / Selective / Closed

    Contact: sandhurst90 (with an explanation of why you would be suited to the alliance)

    We will only have a few allies and will fully support these as our brothers. Only legitimate requests to pact will be considered.

    Acts of War
    Aggression towards our members
    Spying on our cities
    Recruiting our members​

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  2. Jesus i thought Rhoman Empire came back for a second lol
    Good luck!
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  3. sandhurst90

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    Oh no hahah! Dulce et decorum est is one of my favorite poems so I thought I would go with a roman theme. Thank you :) Are you joining this world as well?
  4. No sir too slow of a world plus if i were I would be running GP
  5. sandhurst90

    sandhurst90 Guest

    Fair enough :) If you know anyone interested in joining send them my way :p
  6. Da best ever

    Da best ever Guest

    Good luck!
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  7. Predawn

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    Belated welcome to the world sand. Do justice to the RE name my friend started back in Pi
  8. sandhurst90

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    Thank you! are you interested in joining? Pm if you wish to discuss options...
  9. Predawn

    Predawn Guest

    Im in the thread above yours, my resume compared to the other two people starting squads is quick & lazy.
  10. sandhurst90

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    Oh I see now! which direction are you planning on taking?
  11. Predawn

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    I like O54 just above O55 NE ,how about you?
  12. sandhurst90

    sandhurst90 Guest

    I shall be starting in the south east (O55)
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  13. Predawn

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    Way down their on the opposite side well its a motivating feeling in knowing their are some good fun players to start it off
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  14. sandhurst90

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    It certainly is! I wonder how things will turn out..
  15. Combat-Medic

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    Sending you a PM sandhurst90.
  16. sandhurst90

    sandhurst90 Guest

    Ok thanks mate :)
  17. Strikehard

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    Awesome poem, I hated it in the end cuz we had to read it a million times for my English exam!
  18. Charl

    Charl Basileus

    Jul 23, 2013
    Good Luck :) I will not be joining this world cuz it is so slow.
    btw I have some advice Roman Empire is a little overused as an alliance name. Maybe you could call it Dulce et Decorum
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  19. Canisss

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    or call it the Rhoman empire to be a little different :)
  20. Charl

    Charl Basileus

    Jul 23, 2013
    NO that is an alliance on Rho