Rim the CoMa


Greetings Mortal,

I, CrimsonBlue, the mighty ruler of these lands challenge you to attack my fortress of despair ([town]78[/town]). Be warned, this is no easy task as I have summoned the help of the gods to bring me the best defense possible!

If you are able to destroy the troops behind my wall, I will reward you with a manticore token worth 30 manticores! Only the first person to clear the city will be granted the reward.

If you take my city, I will reward you with 1000 gold, and you get to keep the spoils behind my walls. This includes a fully developed academy, and a lot of silver in the cave!

CrimsonBlue the Mighty
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i have seen this before sort of although last time i saw it Crimson Blue would call in help from other alliances to break any siege put on

Exit strategy

The Fix is in on this one !! I had him in siege 2x and he called the world in Skype for help.. Then he built up his wall and let his friends take his city..
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