Revolt World With Night Bonus?


Author Of Idea: Nick Papageorgio97. I'm newer to the forum; however, I am a veteran player who won a crown in Delphi with Legion Of Death.

Idea: Revolt world with the night bonus.

Reason for idea: Better Grepo-Life Balance. While I'd like to see more features to encourage a better Grepo-Life Balance in a new world, the night bonus is a step in the right direction. See my other idea if you support a better Grepo-Life Balance. There's now a conquest world with the night bonus. Let's show some love for the revolt world players as well.

I've heard concerns about potentially only having low speed worlds as low as one with this bonus. I would personally prefer speed 2 or 3 if implemented.

Lastly, I'm not suggesting that the night bonus feature be applied to all worlds. It won't appeal to everyone, especially night owls, vampires, those with different schedules, or those who like having to be vigilant 24/7.

Thanks for your consideration,
Nick Papageorgio97


Revolt and night bonus sound like two of the worst combinations ever.