Returning player looking for an alliance (O56 NE Corner)


Hello there, I am SirNippleton (previously ShadowMelik from Omicron and various EN servers).

If you are reading this then I hope you are considering recruiting me for your alliance (if not.... well yeah thats fine too I suppose :).)
Anyway as said, I played previously under the username of ShadowMelik on various servers and have recently decided to make a return to grepolis under a new (and slightly different) name.

So a little about my past on grepolis, I consider myself to be a moderately well known player with most of my reputation coming from Ephesus (EN servers) where I co-founded and led "Honour and Power" alongside my brother Rising Legacy (aka. Solitary Legacy), during our time leading the alliance (and my own time leading after legacy left) We maintained a #1 position in all rankings, not just in points but also in ABP, DBP and Overall BP, and this was with fewer members than the rest of the top 12 (at one point having half the members of the second smallest). Unfortunately my time here came to an end after 4 months in charge due to real life issues.
I have also played on several other servers, those worthy on note being Athens (EN, my first server), Delphi (again EN, my first speed 3 server) and Omicron (US).
Unfortunately due to how long I have been away from grepolis, grepostats no longer has my details. I urge you however to feel free to scour the forums (especially Ephesus on EN) for proof if you feel the need.

Now a little about me on a more personal level, I am 19 years old and currently reside in England (though my playing times don't necessarily fit that, it's 3AM here now!). I am able to be very mature when necessary, however for the most part I enjoy messing around and acting like a toddler (if you don't have a sense of humour, I don't recommend me for your alliance.) Finally I am a metal fan, don't even try to talk to me about the charts >_<!

If you are still slightly interested, here is what I tend to look for in an alliance. I tend to look for an autocratic structure where the leader takes in the opinions and thoughts of their members, making a decision with these in mind. At the same time it is necessary (at times) to make a decision that the majority may not agree with, if you are willing to be unpopular for a short period of time for something that you feel is best for your members, you have my backing.
Preferably leaders will have some past experience in leading an alliance, however even if you don't I'd be willing to listen and decide whether to join you based on your personality.
I would be interested in eventually reaching a position of responsibility in the alliance, while I don't expect to be given a seat immediately (and in fact urge against it), opportunities need to be there. If you are a well established alliance with your leadership set in stone (probably due to working together before) I'm afraid I most likely wouldn't accept an invite due to a lack of opportunity.

I could write on and on however I feel this is enough, if you wish to know more feel free to ask. If you're interested in recruiting me feel free to contact me in-game or in the forums.
As mentioned in the title I am based in the NE corner of O56, so I am open to invites from oceans I border (provided you are near the border too.)

Thank you for reading this far,


ShadowMelik !? Its about time you came back, wheres the rest of the experienced players ? You should really restart near my area (southeast 055 )

I remember you from Athens, you were pretty good back then, hopefully you havent lost your touch but i forgot what alliance you were in, wasnt it TRIAD ?
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I started in Pagan Panthers (who I believe became a part of TRIAD?) I left before then though and went solo, was my first server so improved since then ;)

Looking at the map there is a little too much space between us for me to even consider joining you yet, but with it being speed three I'd imagine it son't be long until we can consider it.