In a world where there does appear to be a higher than normal level of lies, treachery, bad behaviour, spying, pm smack talk, gold abuse, cowardice.......

I wanted to raise my only dealing with One Ring and Gollum.

We had a player who we were concerned about (he had turned amber) to find out that he was in hospital and he had asked his girlfriend to post on our forum to tell us and check how to activate vm.

There had been a couple of OR probes - I explained the situation and OR and Gollum stated the player would not be attacked, I even got a couple of nice messages to relay.

After ZERO intentioned attacks the VM kicked in and we hope he comes out of hospital soon.

This is not intended to give any alliance that may consider being cowardly to try the same thing when their player has not actually been rushed to hospital (because if any alliance does try that they would be public enemy number 1), this is intended simply to show this world does have some with values and to publicly thank both One Ring and Gollum for their understanding.

So whilst we run from no one and continue to fight amongst others One Ring and Gollum I wanted to give credit where it is due.

My thanks


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Much respect Paper...thanks for the kind words. We'd rather kick your butts straight up:p

Hope your teammate gets well.
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