Remove Morale from Sieges


I'm back with another plan to fix morale. This time I think it is a reasonable change

Right now the main problem people have with morale is that people abuse the ability to use the morale of the cs driver to take cities easier. These people are commonly referred to as LMDs (Low Morale Drivers). Certain alliances are notorious for using this game function to take over worlds and most players are not happy with this.

My solution is to remove morale from sieges. Right now a function of morale is that on a siege, the attacking player's morale is attached to the siege. By removing this function of morale, players with low points will still have their low morale against bigger players to help new players out which morale is intended to be used for. Furthermore, with this change people can no longer use their low morale on sieges to take enemy cities easier.

I believe this is a rational solution to make the experienced players happy that have complained about morale for years now as well as continue to help out the new players.

I created a straw poll with the link below for people to vote with. I am hoping for a big voter count for the mods to hopefully take notice.

Thank you all,


Panda here! This is an awful idea! I have no idea how to play conquest, or what an LM-whatsit is, but I'm pretty sure the removal of this"Morale" Would make for an awful game with people like me!

This is an awful, discriminatory post for fat lazies like me, and deserves to be taken down from the forum for the blasphemy it is. What's that? I don't play conquest, so I don't understand? Ridiculous! As a certified panda, I understand everything about everything! And don't you dare forget it! W-what do you mean the current system is terrible, and needs to be fixed!?! What do you mean players aren't happ-wait. Are you suggesting that us dummies, the consumers, are supposed to be HAPPY with the product? Ha ha ha, El gribeeto, I may have no clue what I'm posting right now, and I'm fairly sure when I check the forum tomorrow, everything will be bad, and I've just made a strange loop of idiocy such that I can't contemplate my own writing, and everyone is going to dump on me for this ridiculously long sentence, but...Umm...

Why am I writing this? I have no clue how conquest works. I have no clue what this thread is talking about. Blueberry pie is the best tasting of all. Get rid of these LMD stuffs. Ignore my grammar. Don't smoke, vape or do drugs. What am I writing again? Well it really doesn't affect me, I don't play conquest. Did I just write the same thing twice? Why am I writing this? Did I just say the same thing in one paragraph? I don't think I feel well, and I don't think this post should be taken as anything more than an idiot writing in his computer at half past midnight.Or posted as a post.


Your poll is pretty heavily in favor of removing morale with a fair amount of votes. If only it could get noticed.

The point of morale is to help new players grow. Not to have someone play the entire world with 2 cities to help their alliance have a chance against good players. Dumbest thing about conquest worlds is the morale.