Rate your MRA!


Premades are fine, don't see why it's an issue. People are more inclined to play with those they're familiar with and can depend on. Especially in a game where it's easy to find someone off at 3am that doesn't respond to alarms or messages. Why bother dealing with that when you have a team you know you can communicate with? Have never played revolt and never will but can recognize names in TBD that are solid.

As for the credit cards you're talking about, welcome to Grep in 2023. Either you're actually good at the game and can time, which in itself is an issue it seems these days because people who are garbage will just accuse you for botting or you're using your lack of skill by golding which when you're faced with a legitimate team, can only take you so far.
At what point does the game lose its enjoyment when a team dominates? I get everyone wants to play with who they are familar with but there really are not enough active players to stir up competition. Seems to me its very onesided.


My team always ends #3 or 4 rank but #1 in D and 2 in over all fighter. We don't consider that being Dominated. Teo 3/4 our cities were barely out side Dom circle. I won't complain about Gold as I use it but say how other then if you gold land locked cat nukes...... LOL