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With all this Top 12 stuff and Rate the Player stuff, we are loosing sight of what is really important, OUR PROFILES.

Rate your favorite profile. It can be and alliance and/or an individual profile.

I will get us started
Best Alliance Profile - Hairy Hotties. Mermaid with a beard? A-mazing
Best Individual Profile - White Khalifa. His usually whimsical rainbow pony is here to torture and kill!

(I do admit I have a bias).

Pastor Daddy

As a religous man i thought my gift was allowing me to see spirits again as I looked at your name... But I was once again enlightened by my master Almighty AD as he said that I wasnt being gifted with the sight of seeing spirits that it was only you and your ghost from the world Gela......

Sad when ppl do things they said they would never do especially when it was only a week after saying that

Repent and maybe your ghost soul will find peace


other than Hairy Hotties??? noooo...

i found a few funny guys though... but there is always a personal favorite:



Player's Council
That one is super cute. I found a few more good ones. These are too hard to find people. Step it up!

So True

Fashion sense AND she rocks Grepo


White Khalifa

haha tyty i know why you like it ;) one of my fav's is Steelrain