Rate The Player


Anything for forum activity so have one on me:

Name : SDogBizzle

Past Experience: (Community Status) Well not knowing you makes me turn to stats and i see that they read barely anything for you apart from your activity is pretty decent

Points: seemingly average however whats points within BP

Alliance: Im very much on the fence with this as i look at your roster and see names i know but i foresee your alliance hugging it out

ABP: Irrelevant
DBP: Irrelevant

Total: I wont do a total but summarise instead

Your location is on a wrecking path that NOOBIES plan to dominate, your alliance has characters in it i know from previous worlds that i know have longevity and a wealth of experience so for now i see you guys looking to the south for expansion and eventually merging into or calling on the help of another alliance.
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I'll just go ahead and rate you both... :p


Name : 6
Past Experience: 5
Points: 8
Alliance: 8
ABP: 6
DBP: 0

Total: 33/60


Name : 7
Past Experience: 9.5
Points: 8.5
Alliance: 9.5
ABP: 8.5
DBP: 0

Total: 43/60

Omitting H*H upon request :p


I actually really like the written explanation +rep

And thanks Palistus for Getting the ball rolling on the numbers format. I always like reading the numbers and then looking at people's stats to see what everyone's thoughts are +rep


Name: 7
Past Experience: 9
Points: 9
Alliance: 9
ABP: 9
DBP: 0

Total: 43/60

Name: better than a lot I've seen, but nothing spectacular
Experience: I've seen you all over the forums and in several notable alliances in past worlds, though I've never fought you directly
Points: current top 20 player, nuff said
Alliance: Good numbers, you have a few personalities that I can see not getting along, but that's not really an issue until WW


Name : Supafletch
Past Experience: 10 spam lorddd
Points: 7 .. but BP end just recently.. hard to say whats good and bad..
Alliance: 8 .. my personal opinion they wont be around more then a few months. Stat wise and player base is above avg though.
ABP: 478 abp, 4/10 not great but not bad.. Again bp just ended so hard to judge i suppose
DBP: 143 DBP, 1/10 i guess this just means people dont attack them or the alliance sieges i suppose.
Profile: 7 kinda teehee

Total: 37/70


^ Well I can only take that as a compliment all things considered ^


just cuz i dont like ya dont mean i would rate you as a noob


Name : White Khalifa
Past Experience: baus/10
Points: baus/10
Alliance: Kinda cute/10
ABP: always #1/10
DBP: needs work/10

Total: 69/60


you are all aces to me. Been around grepo a while but just registered on forums. Looking forward to a fun world. Cya all ingame!!! :)