Rate the Player Above


Points: 7/10
ABP: 9/10
Total BP: 8/10
Alliance: 10/10
Overall: 34/40



Points - 57th position with 242419 = 8/10
ABP - 4th position with 218708 = 9/10
Total BP - 7th position with 311213 = 9/10
Alliance - 5th position = 6/10

Overall - 32/40 Not bad whatsoever, purely the alliances position that let this scoring down.

Points: 0/10 you're a ghost. :D
ABP: 9/10 Ghost and still top 30
Total BP: 8/10 Ghost and top 50
Alliance: 0/10 Ghosts don't have alliances. :(

Overall: 17/40 think we get it, good player that ghosted. So I moved this list on.


Player: The Smilodon Fatalis
Points: 7/10, its a good number, but some players have many more and i think this player is coasting a bit
ABP: 9/10 for point size, this player is really hitting hard
Total BP: 7/10 I feel a bit bad about giving such a low score, as players are not normally happy to attack someone who will beat them up.
Alliance: 9/10 Clearly the Bunnies are top dogs, but maybe have had a few wobbles recently.
Overall: ?/ 32/40 Although i would like to add an additional three bonus points, as this player always contributes on the public forums, regardless of what world he is in. So 32/40 or 35/40


Player: galrean
Points: 7/10 decent sized but not top 50
ABP: 8/10
Total BP: 7/10 no DBP
Alliance: 8/10
Overall: 30/40
Player: Maionna
Points: 10/10
ABP: 10/10
Total BP: 9/10
Alliance: 10/10, awesome alliance to play against, been a blast.
Overall: 39/40, hell of a player, keep up the awesome work


Player: Stuffed Crust
Points: 5/10 very low point total... perhaps strategically so
ABP: 8/10 a little over half total points are abp
Total BP: 6/10 bp ranking higher than pts
Alliance: 8/10, dont know much about them, but they are fighters
Overall: 27/40 ...could be low. complete conjecture here