Rate the Player Above You


Forums are really dead, so maybe a little game will lighten them up?

Points: --/10
Alliance: --/10
ABP: --/10
DBP: --/10
Skill: --/10

Just guess off of stats for skill if you haven't had contact with the player lol. Figured I'd just throw that one in there for everyone who wants to tell flip he's a no-skill gold user.


Wow that was obvious.

Points: ?/10-Is this based on ingame points or an overall score for the this rating?
Alliance: 10/10-Leading this world and stats speak for themselves. Also I don't know how critical I am supposed to be :p
ABP: 9/10-#25 in the world right now with nearly 20k ABP
DBP: 6/10-Doesn't have a lot of DBP in this world yet but has gotten some fair chunks of BP from helping out buds
Skill: 8/10-Obviously seems like he knows what's up but don't know what constitutes a perfect rating. Nothing personal bud <3