Random Interviews


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I would like to remind you all of the following forum rule -
  • Each Grepolis player may only use one account for Forum use, regardless of the number of accounts he or she has in game.
I know there are a couple of you using more than one account if it persists then there is a chance that all accounts involved will be banned from the forum.

I will not name and shame those involved but you know who you are. Those involved can contact me if they wish via PM.
lol heather mafia's leadership had level 10 helenas 1 week into the server for their internals/handoffs and kick them of course to get the good bp, meanwhile the guys they kicked out (mickey and achilles) were the only ones who had the nerve to hit me when they want to sooooo bad lol but dont wanna get schooled on both sides of the ball.

theyre glorified simmers. not fighters, this world proves this.
I would like to see random interviewers with the players in the world that are spending more time leaving their alliance and padding bp than actually fighting....is it really going to help in the end?
Hah that wouldn't be hard I got a list of 200 players to chose from. :cool:

aaaah dont think they will wanna get interviewed though lol
They really don't want to be interviewed, It's kinda sad.