Question about the Grepolis Report Converter ?


Grepolis Report Converter is actually not run by InnoGames, so there is no way for us to help you on this matter unfortunately. I would try to contact Grepolis Report Converter's support.
Oh I know Innogames doesn't run it-was wondering if anyone had probs.I've no idea how to reach their support area either-their web page doesn't load for me either.


Word to the wise. When I go on to the report converter site and go to the installation page, my anti-virus software flips out and goes crazy warning me. I have also had adware install itself.


Is GRCR still an allowed script? I submitted a ticket asking and was sent a link to the wiki page that doesn't have it used to be listed and now isn't. So is it no longer allowed?


It's there under 'Report Converter'.

You do need to be careful which 'Install' button you use to avoid the malware.

When I use click on some of the history functions I also get an additional Firefox tab from 'The International Business Journal'

Good tool, just a few quirks.