Quest won't complete

Shiba Tatsuya

  • World: IALISOS
  • In Game Name: Shiba Tatuys
  • Have check the known bugs list: Yes
  • Have you cleared your cache and cookies: Yes
  • Have you tried a diffrent computer/laptop/tablelet/phone: Yes
  • Have you tried a diffrent connection: Yes
  • Full Version or Mobile Version: Both
  • Browser and Version: Mozilla Firefox
  • Overview of the bug: The quest "Phoenician Merchant (Trade merchandise with the Phoenician merchant) won't complete even tho i've traded multiple times now
  • How often this occurs: Just with this one quest so far
  • Work Around: Trade with the merchant in another city not your starter city
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might be a silly question, but did you trade resources with it? it doesn't complete when you buy units / myths...

Shiba Tatsuya

I managed to do it by trading in another city not my main. took a while longer to get another city and a harbor. but it worked and i completed the mission