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Writing here because the mods in the US Support team said that they could do nothing and basically knew nothing. They suggested posting in this forum.

The phone notifications of incoming attacks that I used to get, ever since I started playing on US6 Epsilon, no longer occur. If I am not actually logged into the game, either on computer or phone app, I now have no idea that an attack has been launched against one of my cities. This has been going on for over a month now. I am not the only one experiencing this problem, but it does seem to be specific to Android phones - iphone users tell me that they still get the trumpets signaling attacks. The absence of the alarms is a serious inconvenience and gives a truly unfair advantage to players who still get them. I suggest that you turn off notifications for everyone until you can come up with a fix. I do hope that you are aware of this situation; we have been peppering the support site with requests - increasingly strident - for help now. I got the message to spend gold on the offense and defense packages today - looked like good stuff. But I cannot even think about putting more money into Grepolis if I cannot defend my cities, and to do so effectively I need the attack alarm that has functioned well for years to be restored.

  • World: Baris, Kos
  • In Game Name: red herron, larceny
  • Have check the known bugs list: yes
  • Have you cleared your cache and cookies: yes, regularly
  • Have you tried a diffrent computer/laptop/tablelet/phone: computer, yes/phone, no, but others have same issue
  • Have you tried a diffrent connection: wifi, 4g, makes no difference
  • Full Version or Mobile Version: uhm, both. I play the game on both.
  • Browser and Version: chrome
  • Overview of the bug: push notifications of attacks to phone do not occur or sound alarm. I'm flying blind.
  • How often this occurs: it occurs, the failure occurs, every time I am attacked. It is a very consistent failure.
  • Work Around: There is no work around other than to never leave the game. One of the mods suggested that I clear all my troops out of my cities and send them elsewhere each time I log off so that I'd at least have them when I logged back on. Maybe no walls, maybe a lot of revolts, but I'd still have my troops. Vacation mode is also a swell work-around... completely solves the problem, except that it makes gameplay very difficult.


The devs have been aware of this issue for quite a while now (several weeks to a month) and haven't found a fix yet.

I remember a French CM saying it wasn't an urgent issue to them because although it puts you at a disadvantage it doesn't prevent you from playing. So I guess you have to wait for a (long) while longer...


What Kyllmen meant was that features that bring in cash are more urgent than bugs and gameplay issues. So unfortunately this will be put to the side until everything less important is implemented into the game.