Premade for Side (EN) - Save Side from Huggers

Noob From Ro

Alliance objective:
  • This alliance objective is to not let this server hugging around with anyone and win server after server. We need a team that put against hugging and I am planning to build it right now.
  • Another objective is to have fun with others, to conquer cities in a funny way, to destroy our enemies and after that making them laughing. Anyway this is a game and we should have fun.
Leadership structure:
  • It's nothing decicded yet.
Alliance Requirements:
  1. You need to have alarm on!
  2. You need to have fun!
  3. You neeeeeeeed to want to have fun!
  • Strategy is simple, we drop, we conquer, we win. Nothing more, nothing less and in meanwhile we have fun.

Meg TheBeagle

Senior Citizen
Group Hug (core members were AKA Body Shamers and thought we'd try to throw off negative memories but . . .) can't help it if we draw good players looking for a drama-free alliance that knows how to win. Then, because we had too many of those, had to create a sister that was called Huggy Bears.

Good luck with your MRA