Premade For Conquest World




The wonderfully eclectic family that is the Blake Association (BA) is looking to recruit players interested in joining a premade.

Who are we?

BA’s core roster is comprised of multiple teams that have played extensively with each other. A handful of leaders have been selected based on experience and dedication to the team. Leadership will coordinate all aspects of the alliance, and rest assured that the entirety of the team’s thoughts and opinions are always respected and taken into consideration for any big decision. All of our players put the team first and foremost, and we look forward to welcoming anybody else who shares our passion for the game!

Who are we looking for?

Non-negotiable requirements:

- Uses alarm at all times

- Communicates productively with teammates (avoids petty disputes, etc.)

- Takes genuine pleasure in the conversion of red cities into blue ones

Of course, it’s best if some or all of the following apply:

- Very experienced in the game

- Interested in pursuing WW

- You know what your best playstyle is (ex: frontline, supporter, low morale driver, etc.)




MOUNTAIN WARRIORS will be playing the new map. Very picky about recruits. Active players wanted in a limited sized group. If you are looking for an alliance that protects each other ALWAYS, we may be a fit