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Grepo Chuckey

Senior Citizen
Recruitment is selective. We are only taking the best of the best at this time, then filling in holes with above average players. You must also understand this world will have to be your first priority. You must be highly active. Gold using is highly recommended in the beginning. We will be hoping into a world 3+ months from now, and fighting for the crown. Send me a message, we'll start researching you.


2-3 Speed
Conquest/Revolt (Depends on what's available. Must be ready to play either one)
No moral
Alliance cap undecided

Rising Legacy

You'd be better off having this moved to the Premades section of the forums so as to be easy to spot for everyone rather than just the guys on this world.

Judging by your desired settings it looks like we're after a similar world. If so, see you out there.