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Arts of Infinity

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Hello, welcome to the founding of Arts of Infinity.

Arts of Infinity (AoI) is a democratic alliance, who is always there for her members however at the start things will be handled by me (Pressure Cooker). I'm hoping my good friend Jelmer1.0 will help me too.This will be for short term, as we want other members to be able to show what they can and how they are as a representative of our members. They will be elected council members. This can happen by voluntering and being voted in by the members, or by being called up by the founder(s) / existing council members. Democratic means all decisions will be made by a public vote on the forum.

Recruitment: If you would like to join AoI, please send a message via the forum to me. Once the world is open we'll start recruiting in-game too.
Pacts: Very limited, none will be made until the BP has ended.
Members: There is a very high alliance cap, but we won't go that high. Once we hit around 40 members we'll start to be more selective on recruiting. We want everyone to know each other and that won't work with 150 members.
Based: We'll be based in O45 (South-West)

What we expect of our members
- Forum activity. If you aren't able to communicate, this alliance is nothing for you. Points make no sense when you aren't active at the AoI forums.
- Be a team player. If you aren't one, why are you in an alliance then?
- A good growth in points and ABP. We'll set up marks to be reached.
- An absence of 3 days that wasn't told us will result in removal of the alliance.

Not being able to reach the requirements will also result in a kick, unless there's a good reason for not reaching them (e.g. being attacked, holidays, no internet-connection or playing a lot on mobile phone). If you have been kicked you're free to apply again, if you think you'll be able to change and fit our requirements. I won't list the rules of AoI here, I think you know how to behave (also against enemy-players), if you don't know, go away or ask me :)

About us
I've been playing Grepolis for about 2.5/3 years, mainly on the Dutch server. On world Beta I reached about 150 000 points when I recruited my friend Jelmer1.0. In a few months we were both around 350 000 points and decided to quit.
After around 1.5 years I couldn't resist the desire to play Grepo again, but wanted to start somewhere else: The English server. After a few wrong starts on several worlds, I wanted to make my 'comeback'. I told Jelmer I'd like to make an alliance with him, and he was in. Together we founded Liquid Propinquity: Soon it was part of the top alliances on Sestos and now I want to try it again, now with different people. Like there our goal is to control ocean 45. In Liquid Propinquity we have a great core, so we can support, help and conquer very fast: In black you can see us, and in yellow our pact Honour and Power. This is what we want to achieve again, but now with a number 1 ranking.

Pre-made recruiting
If you've read this and think you can be useful to AoI, please send a message on the forum to me, containing:
- motivation to join
- past experience
- link to grepostats
I'll send you a message containing more information, answers on possible questions and (of course) if you're accepted or not.

Thanks for reading!
Kind regards,
Pressure Cooker - Arts of Infinity


no its ok, keep the way you are going. We don't want too many good alliances lol.